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Lawn Service

Taking care of your lawn can become hard to keep up with, which is why we offer lawn services. Maintenance and care are best when our professionals at Land Advanced LLC are the ones taking care of it. Bring growth to your greenery today.


Protect the roots of your plants, provide weather temperature protection, retain soil moisture, reduce weed growth, and much more. How can you do all this, you might ask. Well, the answer is simple. Through mulching, you can give all these benefits and much more.


Overgrowth, whether on trees, shrubs, or whichever plant you have, can become unbearable for you as an owner and for nature itself. We get haircuts regularly, so picture that trimming is giving your greenery the same treatment. Improve growth and the aesthetic of scenery.

Aeration Seeding

The soil under your lawn’s surface can easily become compacted, whether due to your lawn’s unique makeup, external damage or a combination of both. Aeration relieves these effects by loosening compacted soil. We provide relief to lawns all over the Columbia area.

Leaf Removal

Removing pests, insects, and elements from your leaves that can be dangerous is essential. Leaf removal prevents moisture from getting trapped underneath, eliminates mold and other dangerous diseases, eliminates dangerous spiders and pests, and much more.

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- Snow Removal

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